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Melnik Resources can help you work standing up to avoid some of the perils of extensive sitting cited in the article "Sitting - Might be killing you?  by Taylor'd Ergonomics"

The word,"cathisophobia" refers to the "fear of sitting"(actually, a fear of being motionless). Is sitting really worthy of its own phobia? Lately, we've heard a lot of bad news about sitting. We already know that sitting burns fewer calories per hour than standing, and by quite a margin. This means that when people who are used to standing or walking or generally moving about take an office job that involves primarily sitting, they will need to eat less. If they continue to eat at their usual rate, they will gain weight. We also knew that sitting places higher loads on the low back than standing. The lumbar (low back) curve is flattened in a seated position, even with a well designed chair. This places strain on the discs of the back. Muscle atrophy (weakening) also occurs with prolonged, day-after-day sitting, because sitting doesn't require the muscle "exercise" that standing involves.

Here are some new stats, that we found at

  • Sitting six or more hours per day makes you 40% more likely to die in the next 15 years, in comparison to someone who sits less than three hours. Even if you exercise.
  • People with sitting jobs have twice the risk of cardiovascular disease than people with standing jobs.
  • Those who watch three or more hours per day of TV are 64% more likely than average to die from heart disease. After three hours per day, every extra hour of TV leads to an 11% higher risk

We're hoping that these figures scared you right out of your seat! Cathisophobia just might save your life!

Taylor'd Ergo Times, September/October 2013, Issue 103

Staff member Scott Ladell - standing with adjustable monitor mount