Chairs and Stools

Adjustable chairs, stools and work surfaces facilitate frequent changes in position - key to avoid the problems that result from sitting for extended periods of time.

Melnik can supply appropriate seating for your work application. Workers need furniture and chairs that allow changes in posture periodically throughout the day.

Persons should be able to adjust chairs and keyboards so that even the shortest person can sit with feet firmly supported on the floor and elbows at about 90 degrees. And, ideally, work surfaces should quickly and easily adjust upward so that even the tallest can stand comfortably to work.



Melnik represents a complete line of seating for every body type and every business environment. whether industrial, institutional, corporate headquarters or a home office setting. From the occasional operator to the 24/7 seating application.

We present a sampling of available models .... call us to discuss your application!

Industrial Stools

Height adjustable industrial stool sample

The stools are designed for the specific and varied needs within an industrial or health care setting including ESD (electrostatic dissipating), clean rooms and wipe down applications. Contact Melnik Resources, for additional information.