Ceiling Monitor Mounts


The location of digital media and advertising is key to communication with the customer. Where and how the media is delivered is crucial to successful messaging.

Melnik designed, tested, and manufactured wall and ceiling monitor mount solutions facilitate placement, installation, and maintenance of single, double, triple and multi monitor configurations.

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163-4799-1-1H Triple Ceiling Monitor Mount
163-4799-1-1H Triple Ceiling Monitor Mount
163-9274-1-1 6 Monitor back to back Ceiling Mount Bracket
Inform and serve staff and  counter 'customers'
163-4799-1-H Triple Ceiling Monitor Mount

Product Models

Part Number: 163-9274-1-1

Mount 6 monitors (Max 20# each incl wire) back to back to communicate with your  'internal and external' customers.

Add the optional 'Vee' shaped end plates to create a seamless 'wire free' look.