Perfeclynk Technical Table


The Perfeclynk 'Technical' work bench is a robust table suitable for a variety of applications requiring open access, unimpeded workspace, and flexibility.


  • 'Technical' tables can be made mobile by adding an optional caster pack.
  • Standard sizes are 48",60" and 72" wide by 24",30" or 36" deep.
  • Benches can be built fixed or variable height to meet your specifications.
  • The Perfeclynk technical table/bench supports up to 2,000 pounds in standard configurations.
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156-7549-1-1 Perfeclynk Technical table
Incremental Height adjustable Technical workbench
Photo before the workstation improvements
Photo after the workstation improvements
Incremental Height adjustable Technical workbench
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Part Number: 156-7549-1-1

  • Variable height table, with stainless steel marine top (drainage), and Grooved rubber sheet insert.
  • C/W with 8'' steel leg inserts; allows table to be mechanically raised or lowered 8" from start height of 28"


  • 2" x 2" x 3/16 'leg' structure, with 1 1/2'' x 1 1/2'' x .100 wall stringer supports.
96" x 24"
410 lbs
28" - 36"
1000 lbs