Melnik Resources team members regularly collaborate with engineers, design professionals, ergonomists and health and safety specialists to facilitate smooth project delivery and implementation.

We have extensive experience in the reseach and development of products and processes. We work regularly with our customers to design and implement lean manufacturing concepts.

Design, Fabrication and Finishing

Melnik Resources has the creativity, technical skills, software, and fabrication expertise to take your design ideas from 'concept' through prototyping and production.

Autodesk Inventor 3D software and online collaboration tools help to streamline information sharing and ensure clear communication of design and production information. The engineering team is able to incorporate customer design data into the models prior to prototyping - minimizing cost and improving efficiency.

3D Computer Aided Design

3D Computer Aided Design using: "Autodesk® Inventor™ software is the foundation for digital prototyping. The Inventor model is an accurate 3D digital prototype that enables users to validate design and engineering data as they work, minimize the need for physical prototypes, and reduce costly engineering changes discovered after the design is sent to manufacturing."


Custom Metal Fabrication and production welding of metal components, store fixturing, stair/railing components etc... We boast CWB certified welding technicians experienced in MIG and TIG welding. Punching, bending, shearing, coping and notching can be performed using the 'Scotchman' or Piranha Ironworkers.

Custom CNC Cutting

CNC production sawing of solid, flat , and tubular material , as well as profles using the 'KASTOtwin' high performance bandsaw.

CNC Metal Forming - Warcom 10' - 120 Ton Press Brake

Features quick release pressure sectionalized tooling for faster prototyping and short run production of parts and components.

CNC High Definition Plazma Cutting

Featuring a 6' x 12' table, and the Hypertherm HPR130XD cutting system. Operators are proficient with ProNest software to maximise productivity, efficiency and material usage.

Visit Hypertherm for more information.

Tube Rolling

Tube Rolling Tube Rolling can be performed vertically and horizontally on the SAF CURVATRICI angle rolling machine. Call to discuss your 'ring rolling' requirements.

Stud and Spot Welding

Stud Welding of drawn arc, and short-cycle drawn arc welding using a SOYER BMK-10 stud welder.

Spot welding utilizing an ASPA heavy duty 18"-24" throat depth, water cooled spot welder.

Commercial/Industrial Electrostatic Painting

Commercial/Industrial Kremlin Electrostatic wet-coat paint finishing system used with conventional or Airmix® spraying, the electrostatic technology increases transfer efficiency resulting in higher productivity and lower paint costs