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Melnik Custom Metal Fabrication

Who We Are

Founded in 1993, Melnik is a team of dedicated and experienced designers and manufacturing engineers delivering innovative customer focused solutions to meet the specifications and requirements of each client. 

We have specialist teams providing expertise in the design, engineering, testing and production of Custom Metal Fabrication, Worksurface and Lift Platforms, Guarding and Commercial Safety Equipment, Cart and Material Handling, Ergonomic Lift Platforms and Visual Structures and Displays. 

Our long history of success and reputation for our customer first approach is our greatest source of pride. We are constantly innovating to ensure we deliver the most efficient and cost-effective products to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. 

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Helping to meet your needs in the world of today

In the current climate of change and adaptation caused by public health measures and a growing awareness of environmental impacts, the way companies and their clients function are changing. 

We understand that your business must continue to operate efficiently under many new rules and demands. With our team’s experience and creativity we help you to meet and overcome these evolving challenges, delivering value through measurable improvements in productivity, employee wellness, and satisfaction. 

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Metal Shop Location

From our CNC fully equipped facility in southwestern Ontario we provide a one-stop-shop where everything is designed, engineered, prototyped, tested, and manufactured.

This provides us the flexibility to adapt and deliver products that are custom tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances, working in partnership from beginning to end to ensure every detail gets certified and is manufactured to exacting specifications.

Our goal is a healthy, productive, and injury free workplace. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors, customers, and the general public. Our team undergoes regular safety training that meets both legislative and Melnik’s high safety standards.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity
At Melnik we support equality and ensuring opportunities for every individual. We believe that a team offers the best value to our clients when a range of voices and experiences are included. We aim to ensure that our team is as diverse as possible and inclusive of all members of society.
We are working hard to make our business sustainable through current actions such as using recyclable packaging, reducing wastage of materials in our manufacturing process, and re-modelling our facility to be more energy efficient.

We constantly review our operation identifying areas for improvement and setting bold goals to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible.
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