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Our modular and highly customizable products are brought to life by great design and engineering based on years of understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.

Carts & Material Handling Product Development

Melnik Custom Metal Fabrication also offers custom carts and material handling equipment solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team of experienced makers can create durable, safe designs for a variety of purposes, whether you need heavy-duty or light-duty constructions. We specialize in designing custom products with high quality materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel and more. With our state-of-the-art technology and skilled personnel, we guarantee that all of our products will be made with the utmost precision and accuracy. Contact us today for an estimate on how we can help build the perfect cart or material handling solution for your project.

Whether it is a unique design or a standard product you require, our carts and materials handling team works with you from concept to final delivery providing the  solutions you need to ensure your business runs efficiently while keeping your staff and your site safe.

All Melnik Carts & Material Handling products are fully customizable. Our engineering team incorporates customer design requirements into the models prior to prototyping and production, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

Melnik Custom Metal Fabrication

All Carts & Material Handling Equipment

Large Sheet Gantry Cart

Custom-built to safely transfer large sheets of material by one person.


Key Features


  • All metal construction

  • 1500 lbs multi-sheet loading capability

  • Lift and load any size sheet from 30 ga to 1'' thick - up to 5' x 10'

  • Electric Drive Linear actuators with 8'' of lift

  • Ready to go - no wiring, air required

  • Compact footprint on the shop floor

  • NO forklift required in the sensitive area around equipment and people

  • Fast load and unload times

  • Fraction of the cost of a gantry crane or forklift



Lean Manufacturing Carts


Melnik works collaboratively with manufacturing engineers, health and safety specialists, ergonomists, and the operators to develop cost effective material handling solutions.


Savings are achieved through thoughtful and detailed design which takes the larger view of the Lean objectives.



Baggage/Carton Cart

The virtually indestructible Melnik design and manufactured carts are ideally suited for airports, bus stations, courier or packaging operations.


Key Features


  • Customizable design client requirements

  • Extremely durable

  • 5'' Grey non-marking rubber wheels with precision steel bearings and axles

  • Can incorporate Signage /Video Signage

  • Weight capacity: 300 #s.

  • Cart ships assembled.

  • Bright zinc-plated or durable powder coating available

  • Hand or foot brake kits available


Hinged Tray Carts

These organizing carts have trays tilt out of the way to access compact storage and facilitate the handling of multiple small components.


Key Features


  • Fold away pull handle to eliminate heel crush when pulling

  • Optional lock to integrate with scissor lift for ergonomic loading and unloading of parts


Tugger Cart

These shelved and highly modifiable carts are typically towed in series behind tug motors.


Key Features


  • Storable hitches for safety

  • Adjustable shelving - Cart quickly adapts to internal shipping box size changes.

  • Shelves sloped to centre – prevents costly spill issues when cornering


Hose Part Cart


Built for difficult to handle hoses – can be forklift handled as well as pushed by operator. Contains hoses within the footprint of the cart to prevent damage. The cart enables the operator to load the cart and present materials without snagging and entanglement issues. 




Heavy Assembly Cart

This heavy-duty cart is specially purposed for sequencing cast components into assembly jigs.


Key Features


  • Cart can be towed through factory, pushed with handle and/or picked and placed by forklift

  • Special glide rails reduce operator efforts to slide components on and off the cart into assembly jig

  • Reinforced top rail section withstands the rigours of industrial erosion.

  • Built with safety locks to prevent materials from sliding off top rails.

  • Storage bins for smaller component handling

  • Floor lockdowns are Heavy Duty for external shipping


Dolly Carts


Suitable for bins, pallets, trays, boxes etc., these carts are designed to fit a standard size of 45x48”, or custom sizes on request, and are available for all industry standard tray dimensions. These units can be towed in series and are easy to push into position at line side with the hitch storing away for safety. 


Slide Rail Cart


Easy to handle cart with product-protecting glide rails. Allows bulky/ cumbersome items to slide on and off with minimal effort. Special rail material protects expensive finishes. 


Height Adjustable Cart


This extremely easy to maneuver cart is especially designed for build operations to addresses ergonomic positioning challenges and is powered by a hand crank or a  cordless drill. The end fixtures easily rotate the component to eliminate excess reaching or having to continually move around the component for access. 



The Parts Presentation Cart


This cart has multiple adapters mounted on the centre post for exceptional presentation flexibility. Easily and quickly reconfigurable to accommodate different sizes of same components, it allows up to 40% more parts to fit onto carts. The cart can be towed in series to eliminate forklift traffic, and has access from all 4 sides to load easily onto transport trucks for shipping. Built with special floor locks to improve in-transport truck safety. Capable of rotating within its own footprint using special fold down handles for operator-handling ergonomic and safety considerations. All Melnik Carts & Material Handling products are fully customizable. Our engineering team incorporates customer design requirements into the models prior to prototyping and production, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.


Mobile Assembly Jig Cart


This versatile assembling cart smoothly raises large objects into numerous position to help the speed and accuracy of product assembly. To ensure safety it  has the ability to locking into floor track and its unique ‘cow catcher’ style caster guards protect workers from foot crush. 


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