Safety Barriers

Work safely and confidently with Melnik Custom Metal Fabrication’s customized safety barriers.

Safety Barriers & Equipment Solutions

Custom safety barriers are designed to protect students and employees and visitors in a variety of settings. They provide maximum protection against falling objects, equipment or workers that may accidentally come into contact with hazardous areas. With features such as removable panels, adjustable heights and integrated handrails, these barriers are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Safety Barriers can be used for schools, office buildings, industrial sites and other areas that require the highest levels of safety. They are designed to be durable and long lasting so they will provide reliable protection for many years. With a variety of materials and designs, there is sure to be a barrier solution that meets your needs.

School Safety Equipment

Student safety is a priority when training in skills such as wood working, fabrication, and welding. Melnik designs protective guarding, safety devices, and systems specifically for use in high schools and college facilities. Working in partnership with school boards, Melnik has installed these systems which are easy to use and very effective and can be fully modified and customized to meet the requirements of any organization.

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