Saw Clamps

Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, whether for a standard product or a custom-fabricated solution and will design, produce and deliver the solutions you need.

Saw Clamps For All Facilities

Saw clamps are an ideal addition to any safety barrier system. They can be used to secure panels in place, helping to ensure that they remain securely closed and properly installed. In addition, Saw clamps are designed to provide a tight grip on the panels, eliminating the potential for hazardous gaps that could create dangerous scenarios.

The Ultimate Saw Clamp

A patented design by Melnik, The Ultimate Saw Clamp is a simple to use, portable safety tool versatile enough to be installed at any facility. It is delivered with everything required to get started: 

  • Mounting brackets and necessary hardware

  • Pivot eye and adjustment knuckle

  • Gripping handle

The Ultimate Saw Clamp is 100% made in North America from solid steel and hardwood components.

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