Sit-Stand Desks

Get the perfect desk for your needs with our highly customizable sit-stand desks.

Custom Adjustable Sit-Stand Work Desks

Custom work desks can be built from a variety of materials including metals, such as steel and aluminum. You can select from traditional rectangular shapes or curves for more modern looks. Depending on the intended use, there are also options available for adjustable height or different sizes of drawers and shelves.

Melnik Radiology Tables

Sit-to-stand adjustment for comfort in all working styles. The Keyboard tray and desk adjust independently. Modern design using heavy-duty materials.

The Workhorse Heavy Duty Table

With smooth, near-silent operation, the linear actuator drive system provides infinite adjustment through the full range.  

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The Workhorse Heavy Duty Table​

Key Features

  • Sit-to-stand adjustment for different working styles. Particularly well suited to multi-monitor, heavy use, multi-user, multi-shift office or industrial environments.

  • Reliable and extensively field tested, It boasts an exceptional load capacity.

  • Accommodates rectangle, bi-wing, and custom top configurations

  • Pair it with a height-adjustable multi-monitor mount system


The Manipulator Height Adjustable Table

The desk shape may be a corner (as illustrated), rectangular, or customized for your space and application. Table top material options include metal, high pressure laminate, powder coated mdf, solid surface ‘corian’, or wood.

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The Manipulator Height Adjustable Table

Key Features

  • Vertical Lynk Drive, Manipulator series worksurface specifications:

  • Range - 23'' - 49''

  • 2 Post table with feet

  • Vertical lynk actuator driven leg system

  • 'Unistrut' cross tubes

  • 3/16'' end angles, all metal, bolted

  • 500 # lift capacity 550# Static load capacity.

  • Standard colour: Black


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