Custom Brackets & Connectors

Brackets & Connectors for Custom Construction

Construct your decks and pergolas with the unmatched reliability of Melnik Custom Metal Fabrication’s custom brackets and connectors. Designed for versatility and strength, our hardware is the ideal choice for creating outdoor structures that are both sturdy and stylish, ensuring your spaces are built to last and impress with their craftsmanship and resilience against varying climates.


Innovative Design, Uncompromised Stability

Our brackets and connectors are the essential building blocks for your outdoor living spaces.

  • Precision Engineering
    Our products are designed for structural integrity, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Aesthetic Integration
    Choose from a variety of finishes that blend seamlessly with your design.
  • Streamlined Installation
    Our systems are created for efficient assembly, increasing installation speed by up to 35%.

Take the first step towards constructing your ideal deck or pergola with Melnik’s custom brackets and connectors. For support that merges form and function with the rigors of outdoor use, contact us to discuss your needs.

Build it right, build it with Melnik—where every connection counts.

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